Homeland Security

Today’s Homeland Security agencies face an unprecedented combination of challenges. To meet these challenges, they have the opportunity to use the power of technology to connect and integrate their efforts to protect populations, enforce security and promote prosperity and peace.
Of course, good knowledge of the strategic and tactical environment is essential for preventing risks and threats and neutralizing them when prevention has failed. Homeland Security market has to adapt its technologies, doctrine, strategies and tactics to reinvent itself and as it has done all across history.

The best of information technologies to support homeland security in all its prevention and peace-making missions.

SauveGarde is a key player in Homeland Security market, the global market leader in digital services and cyber security, and one of the world’s leading digital service providers combining the best of civilian and defense technologies and solutions. As a trusted partner to governments all over the world, our mission is to bring the best information technologies and expertise to support Homeland Security agencies to prevent attacks, safeguard their citizens and work for peace.

Keeping citizens safe

Deliver innovative solutions for police, border guards and customs, crisis and emergency management.

Operation excellence

Maximize synergies and prioritize affordable operations to constantly adapt resources to threats.

Homeland security reinvention

Rethink security organization and processes to cope with changing behaviours and asymmetric threats.

Trust and compliance

Secure people, assets and information in a trustable and reliable way.

Product Overview

SauveGarde envisages new digital systems and collaborations that will make processed data and analytics available for everyone within Homeland Security world. The paradigm is shifting from the traditional hierarchy of information-sharing and decision-making towards a flatter structure in which information is exchanged, analysed and acted on in real time in order to empower all Homeland Security and back-office actors

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System


Anti Climb Fence with Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Other Items backup and components

Major Components Of Homeland Security

Command and Control

Smart Buried Sensor

Smart Electric Fencing

Thermal Cameras and Ground Surveillance Radars

CCTV Surveillance with High End Video Analytics

Anti Climb Fence

Smart Fence Mounted Sensor

X-ray Baggage Inspection system , Boom Barriers ,UVSS , Bollards and Gate Automation