Valued Perimeter Protection Solution Based on Video Surveillance

—— All-round area protection, never loses any illegal intrusion

Physical Security (Perimeter Protection Sensors ,smart fence and Video Analytics)

Perimeter Protection

With the perimeter making the first line of defense against unwanted intruders, industrial, civil and residential security solution providers are experiencing an increase in the demand for leading-edge techniques to reshaping the system used for perimeter protection and wide area surveillance.

SauveGarde perimeter protection solution is designed to provide a high-efficiency, reliable, cost-effective and visual system powered by artificial intelligence technology. High-definition and AI-enabled security products can offer precise and predictive intrusion alert, and record detailed visual information at the right time.

Business Challenge

High False Rate

The false rate of infrared sensor and traditional visual detection system for perimeter intrusion detection is higher than 95%. Animals, shaking leaves and light changes often trigger false alarms.


The physical fence with fence sensor can provide precise alarm. But it cannot record the visual information of the intrusion event.

High Cost

Some new and high-end technology is becoming more and more popular in recent years, but the high application cost is unaffordable for small and medium sized customers.

Influenced by the weather and environment

Strong sunshine, stormy weather and other heavy weather willseriously affect the detection accuracy of the sensor.

Typical Scenario

Monitoring Area

Plant perimeter, Fence, Important control area

Limited Access Area

No parking area, military base, danger area, river bank

Solution benifits


The rate of false alarms triggered by small animals, tree movement, shadows, and bright lights is significantly lower than traditional IVS solutions.

Farther Detection

Requires 64% less pixels for recognition compared to traditional IVS solutions, allowing each perimeter protection camera to cover larger areas from further away.

Alarm Target Classification

Differentiate alarm trigger type into human and vehicle. Rules can be set to limit different trigger type according to the real requirements.

Quick Tracing

Utilize “smart search” feature to quickly search video footage by trigger type of human or vehicle. Easy for end users to trace historical information and analyze.

Processing Flow

Business overview